About Us

We're committed to reduce global warming, one home at a time, and are glad to be making a difference.  As well as helping plan energy efficiency  improvements, we have all the tools and skills diagnose many kinds of health and safety risks and comfort problems.  The Blower Door, Duct Blaster and digital manometer tools from Energy Conservatory help us locate leakage in the outer surfaces of your home and in forced air duct systems.  The Monoxer III from Bacharach locates levels and sources of carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that is unfortunately common in homes using natural gas or propane.  We have tools to measure humidity, surface and air temperatures, lighting levels, electrical phantom loads, and air flow from heating registers.  Our laser measuring tools help us rapidly measure dimensions. Learn more about how we test.

For our modeling service, we use Energy Pro software, approved by the state to use in energy code compliance studies. We model energy usage, by entering in all the dimensions and insulation values of your walls, floors, roofs, doors and windows and the specifications of your heating and cooling equipment and related data. We get measurements from your architect's building plans or take the measurements ourselves. The model helps us predict the energy and cost savings from our recommendations, so you can reduce energy use in the most cost effective way, rather than responding to unsubstantiated marketing claims for expensive products. Many customers are surprised to learn from our report that they can make substantial improvements in energy efficiency without spending thousands on a new furnace or new windows.  Our modeling can also help you qualify for an energy efficient mortgage. We have a network of professionals that can provide you with services to implement our recommendations. We often partner with other professionals on particular inspection and analysis projects.

Call 831-708-8002 for a free phone consultation with no obligation or send a request on our Contact Us page. Tell us about your home, its issues and your PG&E bills.  We'll help you determine if our services can help.

Educated at Yale and U.C. Berkeley, analyst Rick Meyer was an analyst, consultant and manager in the high tech industry for 22 years before re-focusing his consulting practice on home energy.  He was trained and certified by CHEERS as one of the first CHEERS analysts to focus exclusively on improving the efficiency of existing homes.  Rick serves on the Advisory Board of Vistadyne Corp., a start up focusing on investment grade energy audits of commercial buildings. He is the author of several articles and patents on technology issues. His practical and creative hands-on approach to home energy and comfort problems, combined with a technical depth and communication skills rare in the field, serves homeowners well.

Douglas Beaman and Associates
is an energy consulting firm in Modesto that trains and provides top notch support for our analysts. The firm also trains building professionals all over the state in energy code compliance.