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Located in Santa Cruz County, we serve clients in Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito counties as well as the Silicon Valley region including Santa Clara and southern Alameda counties.  Since we are often in the field, we do business by appointment only.

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Energy Upgrade California
A new state program provides up to $3500 towards the cost of home efficiency upgrades. An energy audit is required for maximum benefits.
Air Quality Sensor
A new indoor air quality sensor detects levels of 30 contaminants, including carbon dioxide and monoxide, enabling forced ventilation systems in rooms subject to pollutants to be turned on only when fresh air is necessary, saving lots of energy.
New California Energy Efficiency Code
The state tightens efficiency standards for new homes and other buildings approximately every 3 years.  The new code,  effective in January, 2010 requires low leakage homes with forced ventilation by small, quiet continuously operating fans. There are many other changes too.
Europe Leads U.S. in Passive Home Construction
Tens of thousands of passive homes have been built in Germany and Scandinavia that are so efficient they have no furnace.