Our energy efficiency services include energy inspection and analysis (energy audits), energy modeling in software, investigation of high electrical bills, analysis for energy efficient mortgages, diagnostic testing and consulting.  Call us to see if we can help and to tap into our network of energy professionals. We also deliver free energy efficiency educational presentations -- ask if we can do one for your group of 15 or more people.

Home Energy Analysis and Report

  • ¤
    Detailed interview with you about your home
  • ¤ Determination of type and condition of insulation
  • ¤ Determination of heat/cold lost through windows and doors
  • ¤ Determination of energy efficiency of current furnace, air conditioner,
          and water heater
  • ¤ Use of Energy Conservatory Blower Door to measure rate of air leakage through
          the walls, floors, ceiling and other features
  • ¤ Measurement of rate of leakage in ducts connected to central equipment, if needed,
          using Energy Conservatory Duct Blaster
  • ¤ Inspection of entire home for energy losses, and dangerous conditions,
           such as backdrafting of poisonous flue gases
  • ¤ Preparation of written report that covers all inspection observations and
           recommends the best energy saving improvements for your case.  We include
           information about products and local contractors that you can use to implement
  • Fee $450
  • PG&E does not give free energy audits.  Lower priced audits than ours usually do not include duct testing and blower door testing, the only ways to determine if you heating system is working effectively and how much of your heat is "staying inside the house." Learn about how we test. Read actual client reports (with their permission of course.)
Energy Modeling

You can add the following modeling and analysis service to our Home Energy Analysis and Report service, so that we can project cost effectiveness of major improvements with dollars of energy saved per year, return on investment, payback period and other measures:

¤ Measure dimensions and insulation values of all walls, roofs and floors, doors
       and windows, and/or use set of building plans from your architect

¤ Enter collected data into EnergyPro software and analyze potential energy and
       cost savings for several  potential improvements

¤ Rate your house with a HERS score that compares its efficiency to that of a
       new home meeting California's energy standards

¤ Report on projected energy and cost savings, payback period and return on
       investment for several potential improvements

¤ Retain energy model for use in future analyses or remodeling projects

Our fees may be refunded if our recommendations are not projected to save you more than our fees in less than one year.  See our contract for details.

High Electric Bill Investigation

When your electricity bills are too high for a period of several months or more, it's time to find out why.  Your electric meter only measures total consumption and tells you nothing about what is causing the problem.  Using dataloggers and databases of equipment characteristics, we determine what each piece of equipment costs to operate, including phantom loads that continue even when is equipment is "off". Then we advise you on options for reducing consumption.

Use our experience in analyzing a building's performance as a whole system to solve your unique problem involving excessive energy consumption, moisture, poor air quality, drafts, and "sick building syndrome." In a brief free consultation, we will work with you to determine if we can help and what our services might cost.
  • Energy Efficient Mortgages

    If you are buying or refinancing a home, you may be able to finance energy efficiency improvements at the same low rate as the rest of the mortgage.  You may also be able to stretch the size loan you might qualify for.  Lenders require that we do an inspection and energy modeling  of the proposed improvements, demonstrating that the value of the savings they will generate over their lifetime is greater than their initial cost.  Now improvements up to 5% of the value of the home can be financed.  Call us for a quote on this service.  Learn more.

Duct Testing

We are certified to conduct tests of ductwork when required by Title 24 of the California Code.  Tests involving a single HVAC unit are $195.  Larger jobs by quotation.



With extensive preparation, and lucid delivery we educate consumers, realtors, and other groups of 15 or more about building energy efficiency, often at no charge.  See a sample presentation.